Technological Section

The section dedicated to science and technique in the Roman world will be hosted in the so called “Braccio Nuovo” wing, the same part of the building where in 1932 the director Amedeo Maiuri opened for the first time the “Technological Section”.

The new gallery, which is the result of a collaboration between the MANN and the Museo Galilei of Florence, is aimed at showing and explaining those aspects of the Roman world which are less known to the general public, like technical applications and mechanics, starting from the extraordinary Vesuvian finds held at the MANN.

The visit will include a series of different topics, from agricultural production cycles, to time and space measuring, lighting systems, and building and hydraulic technologies. Adopting an empirical and educational approach , it will be possible to explore each section through the display of ancient materials, combined with scale reproductions of machineries and devices, enriched by videos to explain the way they work.

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