"Gli Dei ritornano. I bronzi di San Casciano"
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The Mosaic of Alexander, from the House of the Faun in Pompeii, is currently under restoration.
Indeed, diagnostic surveys, carried out on the masterpiece over the last few years, revealed a series of conservation aspects to be treated.
The first phase of the project is about to be concluded, from the designing and the setting up of a machine to handle and overturn the Mosaic, to another campaign of diagnostic surveys, necessary to complete a whole set of knowledge on the work.
The second phase of the project, which is about to start, will include the drawing up of the restoration plan and the carrying out of the designed interventions both on the back and the front of the Mosaic.
The public of the Museum can watch the activities of the work-site from two different observation points, which have been purposely arranged in the Mosaic collection.

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We inform visitors that the Mosaic section will be accessible only through the staircase, until further notice.

The Numismatic and the Gem sections will be closed to the public until further notice,
due to refurbishment works.
Until the re-opening of the Gems, the Farnese bowl will be on display in the Hall of the Sundial.

We apologize for the inconvenience.