Creativity for life

15 September - 12 December 2022
Free of charge
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The art of photography and content creation as a tool for social redemption.

This exhibition tells a story about how creativity can change the world. It was made possible by the encounter between the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, the Jonathan Association and Videndum Media Solutions.

For thirty years, the Jonathan Association, in cooperation with the Naples Juvenile Justice Centre, has worked with minors and young adults placed on remand or on probation at the 'Jonathan' and 'Oliver' communities in Scisciano, Naples. The association seeks opportunities and resources to enable young people in conflict with justice to build a new outlook, a new horizon. It's a continuous search for tools with which to influence and involve these young people in a dialogue about emancipation and citizenship.

The cornerstone of the Jonathan model is the work of creating discipline that takes place 'inside' the community, in daily life, in living together, and its projection outside, where it seeks the empowerment of the young person, and the provision of the knowledge, skills and experiences through which they can become aware of their own possibilities and potential.

One of the initiatives through which the association nurtures this personal growth is the 'Picture of Life' Photographic Workshop. The results of some of these workshops, produced by young people over the nine years since the first edition in 2014, are on display in this exhibition.

Following the success of the 'Picture of Life' projects in Naples, the concept was extended internationally in two further initiatives involving the training of young people in photographic techniques. Their work can be seen in the second part of the exhibition. Like the Jonathan Association projects, 100cameras in the USA and Wild Shots Outreach in South Africa were also inspired by the power of creativity to transform lives.
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