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This platform allows users to explore the collections of museums, archives and organizations, which have decided to share online their heritage and their stories. The virtual tour of the MANN includes more than 773 photos, concerning the Farnese collection, the frescoes from the Vesuvian area and the Egyptian section.

Ten virtual exhibitions , or “stories”: thematic object trails through the collections and insights on specific contents of the ancient world or on museum pieces.
Download the free Google Arts and Culture app and look for National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Enjoy the journey! Available in Italian and English.

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An incredibile opportunity to get to know the Museum through a series of videos: more than 40 works of art to explore, organized in a single youtube playlist.
Available in Italian

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More than sixty 3D models of marble sculptures from the Farnese Collection will be available on the Sketchfab page of the Museum.

The scans are part of the project that intertwines the research on the color of ancient marble sculptures promoted by "MANN in Colors" and the technologies made available by the US company Flyover Zone.