12 june 2020 -
31 may 2021
Periodo della mostra
12 june 2020 – 31 may 2021
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Curated by Paolo Giulierini and Valentino Nizzo, coordinated by Emanuela Santaniello and organized by Electa, this is a precious, surprising and innovative exhibition. Six hundreds objects on display: two hundreds of which are exhibited for the first time, as a result of an intense campaign of research, documentation and restoration.
he exhibition spans across six centuries (1000s-400s BC) and highlights a research projects, which, on the track of the Etruscans, tries to reconstruct the history of this population, whose importance stemmed from the control exercised over two very fertile plains (the Padanian plain in the North and the Campanian one in the South). It is not a coincidence that the rooms housing the exhibition are connected with the section “Prehistory and Protohistory”, to create an ideal link with the relics dating from the Bronze age to the early Iron age, showcased on the upper level of the section. The exhibition is divided into two thematic sections: The Etruscans in Campania: this segment mainly presents the results of archaeological excavations carried out in Campania, to document the presence of the Etruscans in the region, dating from the 1st millennium BC up to the moment the Campani people, previously appeared on the scene, consolidated their power. Repeatedly defeated at Cumae between 600s and 500s, the Etruscans declined in the area, but their power was about to break down all over the peninsula and the Mediterranean. The Etruscans at the MANN: this section enhances the value of Etruscan-Italic materials, coming from outside Campania, purchased on the antiquarian market by the Museum of Naples in various phases of its history. On display, along with some masterpieces, there are volumes, scale models and antique documents, in order to illustrate the evolution of the scientific thought in the archaeological field, from the 17th century until the end of the 20th century, focusing the attention on those archaeologists in Campania, who gave the greater contribution to the redescovery of its Etruscan past.
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